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I tried doing a vent for the first time yesterday and it actually helped a little c:


I'm gonna be honest I forgot about waterfall a little but! I think I might start posting again...? Might not be super frequent so if anyone's interested I post art on tumblr, twitter, and instagram under the same username c:

I started working on my character sheets and icons for my ocs for art fight recently, here's icon one of four! This is Ari, my bnha oc C:

You can see the character sheet here!

going absolutely bonkers over this newly revealed pokemon

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i'm here to say that this is the only post on tumblr i love n respect

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keira knightley in pirates of the caribbean was peak big dick energy and you cant change my mind

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an Uraraka I drew some time ago, she's great!

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*prays to Sappho for a strong tall girlfriend*

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this user is a fool

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y'all share where you're from

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it can be as vague as a country, or as specific as a town! I just want us to bond and maybe even find some people to relate to!!! I'm from Ohio, and it has a lot of corn

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Maryland US. Everything is crabs and Old Bay and I hate both

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The Heart of New England: Rich Conservative DLC

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oklahoma. just had to go hide in the tornado shelter yesterday.

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I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. I’m specifying the city because Pitt, Philly and The Rest of PA are all completely different. In Pittsburgh we have a lot of eastern European influences and also sandwiches with french fries and coleslaw on them. Primanti’s is the superior PA sandwich and I will fight a Philadelphian over this (jk)

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I'm from Puerto Rico, I live in a place where there's poor citizens. My mom would often go and give them clothes we don't need anymore and help around. And uh, there's beaches and fiesta, also delicious food. Like rice with chicken and beans, pasteles, and empanadillas. (idk if there's an english word for the last two lol)

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I'm from Minnesota in the US! The town I live in isn't technically a town, its a village (population of about 500 i think?) and it's essentially just three thrift stores, two gas stations, and a church

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Aw :') Congratulations! Can't wait to see the wonderful art you create! Take care ^_^/

thank you!! <3 <3

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gaymers, who's your favorite animal crossing villager?

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you are all so valid :,)

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I graduated high school on saturday so now I have time to draw some more!! I'm thinking about doing some animal crossing doodles c:

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since replies aren't a thing I guess I just have to reblog! Congrats on graduating! can't wait to see what doodles you make :D

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Thank you so much!! <3

gaymers, who's your favorite animal crossing villager?

I graduated high school on saturday so now I have time to draw some more!! I'm thinking about doing some animal crossing doodles c:

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hey gamers - part of a dtiys on instagram!

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might just goof around and bury myself in dirt

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might just go absolutely bananas and grow plants on myself

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Do what makes you happy! Go see a movie! Stay in and bake some cookies! Summon an old god in the forest with the bones of the damned! Get a fish!

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hatsune miku said trans rights